Namespaced Applications with Zend Framework 1.x

November 3, 2010

ZendX_Application53 is a set of classes that extend the Zend Framework to allow for namespacing your application classes, to simplify the autoloader, and to normalize the folder structure. The goal was to minimize the number of changes that you have to make to a base ZF application in order to get the new features.

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ORMs and Doctrine 2

July 30, 2010

We've probably all used the active record design pattern at some point in our PHP careers. It allows for fast development and many full stack frameworks have incorporated it with validation and automatic form creation. But when creating larger applications, the datasources and model relationships quickly become hard to maintain.

A push for the data mapper pattern in PHP has come about in the past couple of years and it is becoming much more prominent. The Zend Framework Quick Start Tutorial now uses the data mapper pattern (if you're looking for an even better tutorial with ZF and data mappers, check out Survive the Deepend) and Symfony 2 will come with a data mapper as the 'M' part of their MVC. If you haven't seen it already, the likelihood of you coming in contact with the pattern first hand is becoming greater and greater.

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